Summer Reading Challenge - Get Involved!

Summer Reading Challenge - Get Involved!

This summer, libraries everywhere are encouraging children to help solve a mystery.  The annual Summer Reading Challenge, for ages 4-11, introduces families to their library, encourages children to choose books freely and independently and addresses the "dip" in children's reading that can occur over the siummer holidays if they don't have regular access to books and encouragement to read for pleasure.

In All Kent Libraries from 15th July – 16th September 2017

It’s FREE and it’s FUN!

Children will receive a special folder which introduces the mystery and the Animal Agents who are trying to solve it. The challenge is to read at least 6 books over the summer (whatever children choose) and collect special stickers along the way. The stickers have amazing artwork by Tony Ross - some have scratch and sniff smells too! They fit into the Animal Agents folder, and collecting them all solves the mystery. On finishing, children receive a certificate and a medal (while stocks last). There are other Animal Agents themed incentives and activities as well – check them out at your local library!

Last year nearly 18,000 Kent children got involved in the Summer Reading Challenge.

“I really enjoyed getting my medal.  I was leaping around the library.  I liked deciding how many stars to give to each book after I read it”.

“The incentive of winning a medal really helped motivate my son to get through the books as he often lacks confidence in his ability to read”. 

Find out more on the website

Contact your local library for information on local events and activities that support the challenge. 

The Reading Agency’s annual Summer Reading Challenge, delivered by libraries, gets three quarters of a million children into libraries to maintain their reading skills and confidence



Are your students looking for volunteering opportunities over the Summer?  Kent Libraries can help.  

Volunteers can play a key part in the success of the Summer Reading Challenge, providing extra value to complement the great work of staff. The Summer Reading Challenge runs from 15th July to 16th September 2017. It is a good idea for volunteers to be in place by then as they can help with preparation for the challenge.  All applicants under 25 years old will be assigned to the Summer Reading Challenge.

As a volunteer you will:

  •  Build skills
  •  Get experience for your CV
  •  Meet new people
  •  Support your community
  •  Have fun helping others enjoy reading

Please see a member of library staff call 03000 421986 or visit

As a volunteer with the Summer Reading Challenge I have enjoyed encouraging the children, watching them progress and complete the challenge” Volunteer, Swale Libraries