Why choose the Portage SEND Best Practice Assessment Checklist?

Why choose the Portage SEND Best Practice Assessment Checklist?

The Portage SEND Best Practice Assessment Checklist has been designed and developed by Portage practitioners for Portage practitioners and supports the assessment of pre-school children who have special educational needs and disabilities focusing on their developmental strengths and needs.  Using the Portage Checklist with families enables a better understanding of each child’s learning, celebrating each small success and being able to recognise gaps at a glance.

By breaking learning skills into small achievable steps, practitioners can plan activities that promote each child’s learning. The Portage SEND Best Practice Checklist incorporates the EYFS statements so enables direct links when transitioning across learning environments.

This Portage SEND Best Practice Assessment Checklist links the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Portage Early Education checklist in a complete and comprehensive document that is clear and simple to use.  The checklist package consists of 3 elements:

  • the document itself;
  • a Developmental Profile and
  • a downloadable version of the Autotext phrases needed to write up a child’s aims (only available for Windows users

Kent County Council’s Portage team have worked in partnership with the National Portage Association to create this detailed checklist and have given the following endorsement to the checklist:

The National Portage Association is proud to be working in partnership with Kent County Council in producing this checklist. It brings together all of the developmental steps for children from birth to five years from various documents including the original Portage checklist and the Early Years Foundation Stage. The skills are broken down in to small steps so that parents and practitioners can assess and celebrate every skill that the child has achieved. It can then act as a guide to the design of teaching activities to further promote development.  

This will be an invaluable tool for all parents and practitioners who want to enhance the development of children, particularly those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities’.

For more information on the Portage SEND Best Practice Assessment Checklist please have a look at our webpage, where you can look at samples, read further endorsements and also place an order. 

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