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Skills and Employability Service Kent


The Skills and Employability Service is committed to working in partnership to shape progression pathways for the benefit of all children and young people across Kent and as part of the partnership working the team has consulted with schools and colleges on what they would like to see the Service deliver.

We are a service of experts who want to work with you on 11-19 (24 for SEND) topics to facilitate:

  • partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, the voluntary sector and employers
  • progression for young people into 16-19 provision with positive destinations
  • participation for all young people 11-24 including SEND learners

We are confident that we can help you improve performance and attainment for all 11-24 year old learners by showing you how to maximise the use of your existing resources and facilities and give you the best, most up-to-date high quality advice, whenever you need it.

With our team working alongside you, you will be ahead of the game on current thinking or initiatives and your school or academy will maintain its competitive edge.

The Service comprises 50 professionals committed and dedicated to supporting young people and adults access appropriate 11 – 24 progression routes within schools, colleges and work based training. The service, with its wide skills set and experience from both educational and private sector organisations also works with employers to promote employment opportunities with training and apprenticeships at all levels.. A significant number of the team have worked in schools and colleges. As part of the workforce development plan for the service it is committed to recruiting young people into apprenticeships at all levels, including degree apprenticeships.

Our current activities are detailed below and form part of the Skills and Employability Service Specification for 2017-2018. Please see below red button items for further information on the list below:

  • Digital Learning Services E-Learning Packages
  • Supported employment for vulnerable learners
  • 14- 19 Progression Pathways: Packages
  • Kent Childrens University

For enquiries please contact the Skills and Employability Team on 03000 414005 or email on if you have any questions.

Digital Learning Services E-Learning Packages (English, Maths and Careers)

Functional Skills Diagnostic Tool - ( £30 per learner for each subject)

  • The Initial Assessment is online, auto-markek and engaging.  learners complete their assessment in under an hour per subject, and receive instant marking and a profile of their skills.
  • Results are available to tutors and assessors and can be passed into our course delivery system or external management information system.

Functional Skills Maths and English - (£50 per learner for each subject.  £75 with Functional Skills Diagnostic Tool)

  • The Functional Skills platform prepares learners to successfully achieve Level 1 and 2 for both English and Maths.
  • It is best delivered with tutor support and is designed to prepare for assessment, through looking at best practice techniques and a bank of past exam papers.
  • The platform is best used in conjunction with the Functional Skills Diagnostic Tool.

Level 4 NVQ Advice and Guidance training (£1200 per professional)

  • Professionals will be able to complete a Level 4 NVQ in Advice and Guidance.
  • The course will typically take between 3-4 months, delivered via a mixture of E-learning and 8 face to face sessions.
  • Programme specifics can be amended for each group.
  • The course will contain information specifically relevant to Kent.

Success at Schools Career Platform - (£750 per school per annum)

  • A national resource platform with a Kent identity including careers information for students and professionals.
  • An opportunity for Kent's career community to share ideas and documents through the discussion forum.
  • To have access to Labour Market Intelligence and to see video clips of young people at work.
  • Regular updates on employer engagement activities to support careers events.

GCSE Maths and English - (£50 per subject per learner)

  • TuitionKit is an online learning and revision tool, designed to boost exam results with content delivered through tutorial videos and downloadable learning materials.
  • You can access over 1000 videos from home, school, bus, train... anywhere you can get an internet connection on your laptop or mobile.
  • You will be able to access tutorial videos, made by experienced teachers and tutors, whilst learning from the best with English A* model answers from past papers.
  • There are hundreds of GCSE worksheets to help you learn and revise with progress tracking also available.

Training for non-specialist teachers - (£250 per teacher for Maths, £350 per teacher for English)

  • A 2 day course for training non-specialist teachers to deliver effective English and Maths lessons or to deliver Maths and English within their specialist subjects.

Supported Employment for Vulnerable Learners

Overview of Supported Employment Training - (£1400 will buy a 1 day course for up to 6 people)

  • Introduction to the Supported Employment model
  • Supported Employment methodolody, explainng the ethos and delivery methods
  • Explains how these methods can impact on schools and learners

Supported Employment Consultancy - (£600 per day, minimum of 3 days)

  • Bespoke diagnostic of school needs, including institutional analysis.
  • Guidance to structuring supported employment and how to embed this within the school.
  • Raising aspirations of students with regards to pathways for sustainable employment both with students and parents.

Staff TSI (training in systematic instruction) - (£5000 per 3.5 days training for up to 10 people in school)

  • Practical course that teaches the professional methods of training someone with a learning disability in the work place.
  • Opportunity to develop and implement practical support with a client who would benefit from this method.
  • Teaches methods for fading support.

Independent Travel Training - (£80 per day - 20% discount given for 3 students or more)

  • 1-1 independent travel training for students with any journey.
  • Bespoke travel plans designed and implemented.
  • Fading plan put in place to ensure confident independence.
  • Ongoing monitoring.

Supported Internships - (£2400 per student for 3 days per week supported internship)

The Supported Employment team offers a bespoke specialist supported employment service for people with disabilities and/or disadvantages

  • Professionally matched work placement for up to 3 days per week, 52 weeks per year.
  • Professional Employment Support Officer and Job Coach support with both the client and employer.
  • Vocational profiling and careers guidance.
  • Measurement of student journey with detailed action plans and assessment tools.
  • Suitable for 16-24 year olds.
  • In-work Job Coach support, inclusive of weekends and evenings if necessary.
  • First point of contact for employer.
  • Help sourcing further placements, training and employment if necessary.
  • Health and Safety Checks for all placements carried out by professionally qualified staff.
  • Direct support with transitioning clients from school.
  • Professional support with employer HR issues.
  • Liasing with staff and parents where necessary to support transition.

14-19 Progression Pathways: Packages

Core Offer - (£600 1/2 day in school.  Bespoke report and agreed support for implementation)

  • Analysis and audit of concurrent 14-19 pathways.
  • Emploer engagement Health Check and quality mark.
  • Careers education information advice and guidance audit.
  • Bespoke comparative data on new accountability measure including progression.

Progress 8 & New Qualifications - (£600 1/2 day in school.  Bespoke report and support to leading staff)

  • Mapping out qualifications to improve progression through new qualifications.
  • Maximising opportunities to improve accountability measures.
  • Supporting Leading staff to deliver new qualifications

Resource Planning - (£600 1/2 day in school.  Bespoke report)

  • Post 16 funding audit which is informed by learner needs and outcomes.
  • Maximising EFA funding to enable creative and innovative programmes in school of study.

Post-16 Offer - (£600 1/2 day in school.  Bespoke report and agreed support for implementation.)

  • Analysis of learner outcomes 16-18 including destinations)
  • Learner profiling to improve progression.
  • Kent benchmarking and effective use of Labour Market Intelligence.

Governor Checklist - (£600 Governor training.  2 hours with governors and report for governors)

  • Challenging your schools data.
  • Identification of actions and outcomes.

Kent Children's University

Advice and Guidance - (£195 annual Subscription)

  • Have access an telephone support, email support and regular e-mail updated to support your school.

School Membership - (£300 annual membership cost plus £5 per pupil joining Children's University)

  • This package enables your school to participate fully in the national Children's University Passport to Learning Scheme and entitles all of your students participating in the scheme to receive Children's University certificates to recognise their achievements.
  • Depending on the number of credits they achieve the opportunity to attend (with their family) a Children's University Graduation Ceremony at a local University campus.

Family Membership - (£25 for one child, £45 for two children, £60 for three to six children)

  • This is an annual membership which can be paid for quarterly or yearly by families or schools.