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- Effective English Leadership Grab File: Supporting the Ofsted Process

Who is the Effective English Leadership Grab File for?

This downloadable grab-file is perfect for subject leaders of English in your Primary School. It will double up as a co-ordinator’s middle-leadership folder and also prepare them for Ofsted inspections.

The grab-file encompasses all the needs of leaders of Primary School English to plan and prepare themselves for conversations with Ofsted inspectors, headteachers, governors and other visitors such as Local Authority personnel. It provides a handy place for subject leaders to gather together their key evidence, to store significant documents and to record their own observations and self-evaluations. There would be no need for a further subject leader folder, as this grab-file would incorporate all their recording needs in one place.



The Effective English Leadership Grab File is just £59.99 when bought as a stand-alone resource.  If you are a School Improvement SLA member, you can order this resource for one credit


Buy both the Effective English Leadership Grab File and the Effective Maths Leadership Grab File resources for just £100!  If you are a School Improvement SLA member, you can order this resource for two credits


What is included in the Effective English Leadership Grab File?

The file is divided into four parts, with the first being the largest, and containing key documents for quick reference. Parts two, three and four include the English curriculum, attainment and assessment, and finally information for parents and governors.

See samples here:

Part one - Overview and Documentation

Part two - The English Curriculum in Detail

Part three - Attainment and Progress

Part four - Pupils and Parents