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- Enhancing Wellbeing and Involvement in Children

An introduction in the ten action points 

DVD Pack - just £25 including Postage and Packaging

  • Dr Ferre Laevers
  • Julia Moons

(in collaboration with the Commission of the European Communities SOCRATES)

Original Dutch recordings - English voice-over by Dr Ferre Laevers.

The videos are old videos with the translation and voice overs recorded and published in 2008 on the Ten Points:

  • Rearrange the classroom in appealing areas
  • Enrich the areas
  • Introduce new materials and activities
  • Find activities to meet children's interest
  • Support activities with impulses
  • Encourage child initiative
  • Work at climate and relationships
  • Explore feelings, behaviour and values
  • Support children with emotional problems
  • Support children with developmental needs