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- Evidencing and Tracking Progress in Schools


The Evidencing and Tracking Progress in Schools resource demonstrates how schools can evidence good and better than expected rates of progress, what this looks like across the school and in the classroom, and what can be done to ensure that all pupils achieve their best.


  • A downloadable document for schools, helping to guide teachers on pupil progress and expectations from Early Years to the end of Secondary.
  • The resource provides examples of good progress from each phase including government expectations.
  • It will help schools understand progress through all phases, showing good practise examples
  • A range of additional support resources are provided alongside the document


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  • What good progress means in schools and what are the national expectations?
  • What does good progress look like (phase by phase)?How do you make this work and what support is available at each Key Stage?
  • Further resources
  • Key questions to ask - do we know how well our pupils are doing?
  • Latest DfE guidance on progress
  • Measuring progress at secondary school

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