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Get the balance right

“How do I know if I have done enough to manage health and safety? Can you audit our systems?”

“The Governing body are asking about risk assessments – what do we have to assess?”

“A parent is querying the condition of our premises, after her son tripped and broke his leg – could you carry out an inspection of the whole school?”

“My teaching staff need to know a little bit more about health and safety”

“One of my staff is ill – she says it is due to work”
“We’ve had a serious accident – can you help with the investigation?”

We can help you with all of this, and more.

You will have:

  • Confidence your school meets legal requirements for health and safety
  • Reassurance that your health and safety systems will satisfy the HSE
  • The benefit of all our skills, knowledge and experience in Kent schools
  • Funds available for other things! Because we can also tell you what you don’t need to do for health and safety.

Contact: Health and Safety Advice Line 03000 418456

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