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- Observing Involvement - The Kent-Leuven Partnership - Primary Phase

How to use the Leuven Involvement Scale in practice.

DVD Training Pack - just £45 including Postage and Packaging

The Leuven Involvement Scale has proven to be a most valuable instrument to support teachers in their endeavor to obtain a picture of the whole child.  It articulates teachers' intuitive understanding of what matters in order to guide children, inspiring and empowering them to make successful interventions.

This DVD and guide was developed in 2011 by The Early Years and Childcare Team, Kent County Council and The Research Centre for Experiential Education (Leuven University, Belgium) under the guidance of Prof. Dr Ferre Laevers - the result of more than a decade of collaboration.




Central to the training pack is a collection of video footage, shot in everyday learning situations across the spectrum of the Primary Phase in a variety of settings within Kent for children between six to twelve years of age.

For training purposes, the 15 excerpts have been sampled in an introduction menu (containing 5 clips) and two series (each containing 5 clips).

For each of the excerpts the manual contains a short identification, the score for involvement assigned by the developers of the training pack and comments to support these.

The clips will enable users to familiarise themselves with the Leuven Involvement Scale and evaluate their own assessments.  

Each clip is preceded by a countdown featuring a picture of the focus child.  Users should be encouraged to watch the whole clip before making an evaluation.



  • DVD with the 15 video clips
  • The Leuven Involvement Scale: the signals
  • The Leuven Involvement Scale: the five levels
  • Content of the DVD
  • Training procedure
  • Overview of the clips
  • For for Training Sessions
  • Analysis of the video clips