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- Sound Progress - online Precision Teaching Tool

Sound Progress – Making phonics fun!

• Promoting the application of phonics in reading through automaticity.
• Achieving a consistent approach to support across the school. 
• High quality knowledge about individual children's learning - Regular practise of blending and segmenting.
• Making it fun.

A new evidence based Intervention for children’s early literacy skills.

Sound Progress is a new online Precision Teaching programme for schools. Developed by Kent Educational Psychology Service it can be used on tablets, laptops and computers to support children who need extra help with their early literacy skills.

Precision Teaching is one of the most effective teaching strategies for ensuring high levels of fluency and accuracy and tailors teaching for children who are finding learning difficult. It provides high quality information about the rate of progress an individual is making and helps build fluency and automaticity. It involves short one minute tasks to build skills through regular practice. Through monitoring and carefully tracking the progress of an individual child, changes can be made within the programme to ensure that the individual child is learning as fast as they can.

A user friendly online programme that will help people deliver the intervention well.

Although Precision Teaching is highly effective research shows that it is often difficult to implement well. One recent study found that 75% of the people trained in how to use standard precision teaching didn’t go on to use it, even though they were keen to. The detailed recording needed can often be the barrier to implementing it. Sound Progress completes all the recording needed for you and creates charts that show the children’s progress over time that can be downloaded or printed to share with others.
The activities are carefully sequenced within the programme and are designed to be delivered by an adult working individually with a child for short periods of time throughout the day using an online device such as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Feedback from schools who have trialled Sound Progress highlighted how much the children enjoyed using the programme:
"The children have enjoyed the challenge and feeling a sense of achievement.  They were always happy to participate and were encouraged by the timer. They have shown improved self correction, segmenting and blending when reading."

Pricing – how the licences work

Below is a breakdown of the packages available.

A 10 licence package will allow the school to start 10 children on the programme at any point in the coming year from when payments start. Each child can use the programme for a year from when they start using the programme (when an adult registers them).

  • Package of 3 licences is £153.75
  • Package of 5 licences is £256.25
  • Package of 10 licences is £512.50
  • Package of 20 licences is £768.75
  • Unlimited licences is £1025

To order the programme please complete the order form below, alternatively if you have any queries please contact

There are regular Webinars being held to walk you through the system. To take part in one of these webinars please email

Further advice and support is available from KEPS, if you would like to follow it up with additional training or talk about the results that you get with children, please contact us at:

Telephone: 03000 410250