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- Tracking Statements and Pupil-Friendly Targets in the Primary English Curriculum

- Tracking Statements to assist schools in manageable, accurate assessment through the year, through every year group from 1 to 6.

- Complementary pupil targets in language that children and parents can understand.

- A set of resources which all 'speak to each other' and which also align closely with DfE documentation.

- Tried and tested in Kent, which achieved 5% above the national combined standard for Reading, Writing and Maths in 2016.

- Accurate; manageable; user-friendly; teachers love them!


Working closely with children

Alongside the Tracking Statements are two sets of pupil targets in pupil-friendly language. These provide clear targets for both reading and writing which children and their parents can understand. The terminology used advances in accordance with those words and phrases children should know in each year group, therefore increasing in difficulty towards Year 6.

Pupil Pathways provide core sets of targets for all pupils in the ‘working towards’ or ‘emerging’ band. Once achieved, Reaching Higher provides new aspirational targets for pupils who are working at greater depth within the expected standard.


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Tracking progress

It is possible to use these Tracking Statements on their own, solely to support teachers’ judgements about pupil achievement at any given point in the school year. Schools may well have organised their own system of digitally recording and tracking progress. In this case, they need look no further.    

However, if your current system is disappointing you in some way – perhaps because it has led to inaccuracies or lack of confidence – then your school may be looking for an alternative system. Many Kent schools record their judgements by using SIMS Assessment Manager. A six band programme called 6 Steps to Success may be able assist you. Detailed information has been included in this Tracking Statements resource, so that schools can consider 6 Steps to Success as an alternative. Some schools in Kent have taken this system and adapted it for their personal use, for example by inserting extra columns within each standard as they choose.

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What else is there to help you?

Sitting alongside these Tracking Statements, schools can also purchase the Assessing English - Primary Reading and Writing Standards.  Tens of pupil work samples can be accessed, spanning all year groups from 1 to 6, and including many film clips or audio files to show children reading aloud. This resource sits well alongside the Tracking Statements, which can be used to support teachers in their judgements about pupil attainment.


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