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- Emporium Plus

Emporium Plus is an educational resource loan service that provides quality play and learning resources to support high quality, stimulating learning environments in settings and at home. We deliver and collect in Kent at no additional cost.

Access to our resources

The groups listed below can access the service as long as they are in Kent and Medway.

  • Infant, Junior and Primary Schools (including Independent Schools)
  • Primary Academies
  • Private, Voluntary and Independent early years settings
  • Out of school providers
  • Maintainted Nurseries
  • Foster Carers
  • Home Educators
  • Childminders
  • Parent and Toddler, and Creche groups

If your group is not listed above, contact us if you work with children from birth to eleven and would like to access the resources.

We have a range of resources available to support you to meet the needs of your two year olds.

"Emporium Plus has been the most wonderful thing we have tried, I love the resources and you are all so helpful"

(Rough Common Pre-School)




What you will gain by joining the resource loan service

  • Access to high quality learning resources for a small annual membership fee to support children in a stimulating learning environment.  These include resources to support children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 and Out of School settings.
  • Resources to support Ofsted inspections and continuous improvement
  • The opportunity to 'try before you buy'
  • The chance to exchange resources frequently to support children's interests and engagement
  • Delivery and collection at no additional cost
  • You can purchase a membership for a present that lasts
  • The value of one loan is more than your annual membership fee!

"The children and ourselves are pleasantly surprised at the quality and content of the items we have on loan at the moment"

(Julie - Childminder)



                            Hollow Blocks                                                      Push-me, Pull-you 


                            Winther Digger                                                  Early Years Music Box


How to join the Emporium Plus Resource Centre

To view resources and to become a member please visit the


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